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PrEP is

más control.

Taking control of your health and protecting
yourself from HIV just got easier.


Learn how adding PrEP to your daily routine can reduce your risk of getting HIV by up to 99%.


Call us con toda confianza to find out if PrEP might be right for you.

Services in English and Spanish

All welcome regardless of income, insurance, or immigration status

Available at our clinics in Brighton Park and South Lawndale

What is PrEP?

PrEP is a medication that reduces your chances of getting HIV by up to 99%.  You can take PrEP as a pill or as an injection; both keep you protected against HIV even if you’re exposed to the virus.


How does PrEP work?

PrEP contains anti-HIV drugs that prevent the virus from infecting your cells and spreading throughout your body.  PrEP won’t protect you against sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy. In order for PrEP to give you the best possible protection, you’ll need to take as prescribed.

Does PrEP cause side effects?

Some people may report mild side effects, but these usually go away over time.  Call your doctor if you have side effects that interfere with your daily life and last more than a few days. 

PrEP is

más personal.

Because the best kind of HIV prevention
is the one that works for you.

Is PrEP safe? 

PrEP is a safe and effective treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  No significant health issues have been found in people taking PrEP, including people who have taken it for up to five years.

What kind of PrEP can I get at Esperanza?

Esperanza can prescribe several types of PrEP for you – pill or injectable.  Talk to your Esperanza provider to learn more about which option is best for you.

Is PrEP right for me?

PrEP is only for people who do not have HIV.  If you’re looking for better ways to protect yourself because you don't always use condoms during sex or share needles, PrEP may be the option you’re looking for. Both adults and adolescents can get PrEP.


PrEP is

más simple.

Esperanza can help make PrEP the easy and affordable option for you.

How can I get PrEP?
Call Project SALSA at Esperanza Health Centers at 773-916-4436 to make an appointment. Esperanza sees all patients regardless of insurance status, immigration status or ability to pay. At your first appointment, we'll talk about PrEP and do some tests to see if PrEP is right for you.  When your results come in, we'll be ready to give you your first prescription for PrEP.

Can I afford PrEP?

Many insurance plans, including Medicaid, cover the cost of PrEP.  However, if you're undocumented or don't have health coverage for other reasons, don't worry; there are other programs for you to get PrEP affordably.  Esperanza Health Centers and Project SALSA will help you find a way to make PrEP as affordable and accessible as possible.

Contact us!

To learn more about PrEP or to make an appointment with Esperanza Health Centers, call us at:



Esperanza Brighton Park
4700 S. California Ave.

On the southwest corner of S. California Ave. and 47th St.

Esperanza California

2001 S. California Ave. #100

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